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M.T. Bass did hard time as a "yute" standing in the corner or parked in public school cafeteria detention, until diagnosed with RDHD (Reality Deficit Hyper-Fictionalization Disorder). Rehab in a college English Department failed to cure his lying ways and he now litters the wild, wild web with words.

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Cleveland, 1977 Grappling with a foreign policy crisis, the U.S. government identifies and targets a hapless rock-and-roller as a Russian spy in a classic case of mistaken identity for an innocent, ordinary, 'Wrong Man' hero or is he?

What's going on? Sometimes I can't even keep up, myself. So, I came up with the Mudcat Nation Network. Instead of just piling up an Email list and pushing out newsletters and announcements, I found this cool way of doing that and much, much more.
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